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Feature suggestions
Feature suggestions

Feel free to share with the Leon team and others your insight on platform and features you would like to see. Every suggestion is taken into consideration.

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For the moment the voting portal has higher priority than this place. We will be coping interesting ideas from here to voting portal. If we find that community works then we will probably replace voting portal with community.leon.aero107

Default notes in the Checklist items

For each Checklist (OPS & SALES) item there would be possibility of defining default notes, which would appear on each flight.



Crew > Work Schedule - filtering by Aircraft registration

Place: CREW > Work Schedule

Additional option in the Filter allowing to filter by Aircraft Registration:


New logic in OPS checlist regarding 'HR' and 'Slots'

The idea is simple. If status in HANDLING REQUEST and/or SLOTS is switched to 'Not applicable', any changes on the flight do not affect (change) this slot status. It remains as 'Not applicable'