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Leon Talks
Leon Talks

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Captain Name in MVT

As per current available LEGEND for MVT Templates we can only retrieve the number of crew assigned to the particular flight. 

I would suggest to have a TAG in the LEGEND for "Captain Name" so that it can be used in the MVT for Departure.

Thank y... (More)

quotes using stick times

stick time hourly costs are computed by Administration as resulting from annual balance. Best way to quote a flight is to use stick time and add taxi time as a fixed cost.

BF/RF in FW Section

Dear All,

It is my first ever discussion; I am opening here. I suggest to have BF (Block Fuel) and RF (Remaining Fuel) text box in FW section after T/O & BLON respectively to record the fuel figures to be used in future for fuel analysis. I unde... (More)

For the moment the voting portal has higher priority than this place. We will be coping interesting ideas from here to voting portal. If we find that community works then we will probably replace voting portal with community.leon.aero23